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59 Birdie Nerds NFT

Collect - Earn - Get Rewarded

What is a Birdie Nerd NFT?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token), is simply a unique item or piece of art whose sale has been

recorded on the blockchain to create an immutable record of ownership. 

59 Birdie Nerd NFT's are collectible one-of-one pieces or art that have been created for those who have the golf pathogen running through their veins. Those who think consider themselves 'golfers', regardless of the number you post, or the track you play. To us, golf is more than a game, it's a 'BROTHERHERD'

that lives by an unspoken code based on honor, integrity and hard work.  


Birdie Nerds are drawn by hand by yours truly under my golf-artist pseudonym 'Partoshi'.

I create NFT artwork that captures the current mood and cultural hot-topics in golf. These are my interpretations only. This is NOT a safe space.. No topics are O.B. for any of my pieces or collections.

Each Birdie Nerd is one-of-a-kind, numbered, and minted on the Polygon blockchain to create an immutable record of ownership. Each series will be limited to a maximum number of 59 pieces (sometimes-less). Over time, and with your help, the Birdie Herd will grow and the price of Birdie Nerds will go up, creating a secondary market for you to trade or sell the pieces in your collection.  


As a Birdie Nerd NFT owner, I encourage you to use your Nerd in any way you like - social media avatar, printed on a t-shirt, traded for golf gear, or even Bitcoin. It's on the blockchain, you own it.. USE IT!

Partoshi Originals are one-of-a-kind original artworks that are minted on the Ethereum blockchain. This collection will focus on hot-topics within the game, and other golf specific musings

from the mind of the Partoshi.

How to join the Birdie Herd?

#1. Birdie Nerds and Partoshi Originals NFT's can be purchased below. Birdie Nerds are minted on the Polygon blockchain and will be transferred to your Ethereum wallet beginning the week of June 20th. Partoshi Originals are minted on the Ethereum blockchain and will be transferred to the owner after purchase. Buyers of our Birdie Nerd 'Brotherherd' & Partoshi Originals NFT collection will receive a lifetime discount on our entire exotic collection. (see 'Rewards' section below for discount details).

#2. Each new exotic belt customer will receive one FREE 'minted' Birdie Nerd NFT and become a member of the Birdie Herd! 

#3. Earn Birdie Nerds by submitting your own 'original' golf content, including images, videos, drone footage, trick shots, instruction, AYFKM's, artwork, etc... If we use it on our website or social media, I will create a non-minted Birdie Nerd and email it to you, for your support.

#4. Birdie Nerds can also be earned by helping Partoshi create ads & commercials. This could involve sending images, video clips, or any other content needed to produce an advertisement or commercial.

#5. Finally, we will occasionally give away minted Birdie Nerds as promotional items on our social media pages. Follow - @59golfcreative for a chance to win. 


NFT's buyers will receive an automatic lifetime discount on our entire exotic belt catalog.

-15% off for buyers of Birdie Nerds

- 25% off for buyers of 'Partoshi Original' pieces 

Birdie Nerds Series #1

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