Check it – Our Instagram Feed ——>

Check it – Our Instagram Feed ——>

Top reasons why you should follow @59Guy on IG.

#1 We give stuff away.. We give A LOT of stuff away in fact. From stickers and hats to new products that we want people to know about. You share, we give – It’s simple and it’s fun!

#2 Occasionally @59Guy says something that is inspirational and not just mindless drivel. Usually it pertains to the game and is about getting or being better. If anything, it’s a reminder that every once in a while there is someone in your corner when the game is kicking your teeth in.

#3 We post original images & videos followers and fans have sent to us. Remember the kids who did the old ‘chip it to the guy mid-swing driver and pipe it in mid-air’ trick? That was a submission from a fan that we originally posted on our Facebook page. It now has over 1,100,000 views (see here – Trick shots are for kids folks, and we’re all kids. Let’s not forget that.

#4 We don’t post fluff (insert worn out over-copied golf meme or golf babe) & we don’t post 4 times a day. We might post once every couple of days and we only post quality material that keeps you current on what’s happening with ’59’ and with our fans and players.

#5 We earn it every day. Day after day, week after week, month after month.. We are committed to better. Just like you!

If you share, you care. Tag #59belts or #59Life if you want to show us some love. Tagging @59Guy is always a good idea too, especially if you want to share something we made for you, or an accomplishment that you want us to know about or possibly share. If you find yourself holding a trophy or one of those obnoxious behemoth checks at the end of the battle, make sure you hold it above your waistline and tag #59TrophyShow.


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