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How Do I size my belt?

Please use the sizing instructions below to size any single prong bordered on our website. 

What are your custom belt buckle dimensions?

What is your minimum order requirement for a custom belt buckle order?
We do not have a minimum order requirement, but pricing dramatically improves with volume as the first one takes the most amount of time and effort to produce.

Do you design work?
We are not in the design business, but we can sometimes help modify existing artwork if we have good files and instruction to work with. Original artwork needs to be provided by our clients preferably in these formats - DXF, JPEG, or PDF.

What is the price for a custom belt buckle?

Each individual order is priced by volume, material, design and finish options. Therefore it is very difficult to provide a price estimate. Please contact us with your buckle design, material and volume to get a quote

What is the Lead time on an order?

We are consistently 4-6 weeks on custom production. If you are in need of a rush job, please contact us to see if we can fit your order into production schedule. 


Why are 59 Belt Buckles So Expensive?

Every single buckle that we make is CNC machine mills, hand finish and assembled one at a time in the USA from solid materials. We've made our reputation by doing things other companies simply will not do. That's why you won't find a belt buckle that is similar in style to a 59 buckle. It's what separates us from them, and something we also take pride in. There are no shortcuts.

Do you deliver internationally?

Our custom belt buckles can be shipped anywhere on the globe. Some of our our custom exotic belt straps have import regulations that may not allow us to deliver to your country. If you have a questions about importing a certain skin style, please refer to your local 'customs' department.  

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