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Custom Belt Buckle Fitting Systems

We offer two fitting systems to better suit your needs.

Fitting System #1 

Fitting System #2 


System #1 (59 Style) is proprietary to our brand, is more popular, and provides a much sleeker and 'clean' fit as the belt strap begins and ends under the buckle. System #2 is what we refer to as Traditional Fit. This is the most common fitting system in the world and should fit most belts that are 1.5" in width.. 


We can hand-make calfskin & exotic belt straps to fit either system. If you do not require belt straps to go with your custom buckle order, it is advised to go with system #2 as most people have belt straps that can be used to fit that buckle set up. 

Belt Sizing Instructions

Belt Sizing Instructions
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