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Custom Belt Buckle Gallery - Stainless Steel

(CNC Milled from solid corrosion resistant 303 Stainless Steel)

Quality Guaranteed & Made in the USA!

We have built our reputation by creating true custom one-off belt buckles for discerning individuals, businesses, clubs, teams and some of the games top golfers around the globe for over 15 years. We were the first company to bring personalized belt buckles to the game way back in the summer of 2007. Since then we’ve made over 15,000 true-custom belt buckles, one at a time in the USA. We’ve built our brand around doing what other companies simply aren’t willing to do.

Quality First – Every single belt buckle we have produced has been individually CNC milled and meticulously specifications to create a cool and quality look that is 100% unique to our brand. Each belt buckle is CNC-milled, hand finished and assembled in the USA.  The commitment we make to our products only plays a backseat to the value and customer service we offer to out customers. We can personally guarantee you will not find a better looking or more well-made product in our market.

There’s nothing like a 59!

**DISCLAIMER: The items shown in custom belt buckle gallery are not available for sale and are only displayed for the purpose of providing examples of our custom capabilities and craftsmanship.  All trademarks and copyrighted material are the property of their respective owners and are not affiliated in any way with 59belts**

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